A 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been around for a long time and has helped many people achieve sobriety. Thankfully since the creation of AA, there have been more major advances in addiction recovery. Today, there are many evidence-based treatments that can help people get sober and stay sober. Some of these treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, medications, and motivational interviewing. Although these treatments are becoming more available each year, there are still many advantages to a 12-step program. Read on to learn more!

Sober Community

One of the biggest benefits of a 12-step program is that the meetings provide a sober community. Having a strong sober network can be one of the best ways to predict if someone will have a successful recovery. Creating a sober network can also be one of the biggest challenges for someone who is starting recovery because their old friends are still using substances and it can be hard to meet new people. A 12-step meeting lets you socialize with other people who are also trying to stay sober like you, and these people can help you when you’re feeling down or tempted.

advantages of a 12-step program

12-Step Programs are Everywhere

Another big advantage of 12-step meetings is that they can be found anywhere. Almost every city and town has some kind of 12-step meeting. With meetings being so available, this negates any excuses for not getting involved while also making them very convenient. In many areas across the US, meetings can even be found within walking distance so that you can make it a consistent part of your day.

Helps You Stay Committed to Recovery

Attending meetings on a regular basis is a great way for you to stay committed to your recovery. It’s similar to how people go to church to stay connected with their beliefs and be reminded of their values. When you go to a 12-step meeting, it reminds you of the lessons you worked so hard to earn and reminds you why you are working so hard to keep your sobriety.

advantages of a 12-step program

Structure is Provided

When you’re in recovery, it’s not a good idea to have a bunch of unstructured time in your day. If you have too much time on your hands then this can leave you feeling bored or isolated, two powerful feelings that can make you crave your previous substance. When you have somewhere to be and you’re seeing the people who support your recovery, it helps keep you grounded while adding more structure to your day.

Help Others

12-step meetings also give you the chance to serve others. Volunteering is a great way to improve your sense of gratitude and self-esteem because it gets you out of your own head and focus on helping others.