The first Monday in September is Labor Day, and this national holiday is coming up fast. On this day every year, businesses nationwide give their employees the day off for Labor Day. The holiday also signifies that autumn is around the corner.

Many people host barbeques and other social events on Labor Day. Many of these events include alcohol. For some people, drinking on Labor day can be a way to relax, but for those in recovery, Labor Day events can be stressful since alcohol can be triggering.

If you’re in recovery, it’s still possible to enjoy Labor Day without the temptations. This post will discuss ways to plan ahead and be cautious while attending Labor Day events.

Be Cautious at Cookouts

Labor Day cookouts usually have a lot of alcohol. For some people in recovery, the presence of alcohol will not induce cravings. If you are like this, then it is probably okay for you to go to a cookout. Make sure you bring a friend who understands your situation so you don’t fall for any temptations.

If being around alcohol is a trigger for you or it sparks painful memories, then it’s probably best that you skip the cookout. Get in contact with the host before you plan on showing up so you know what will be served. This will give you time to change your plans if you need to.

avoiding alcohol on labor day

Go to a Parade

Many cities and towns across the US schedule parades on Labor Day. The parade participants usually include representatives of local businesses, schools, and other institutions, and they attract people of all ages.

There may be people drinking in the crowds, but alcohol consumption is uncommon and usually discouraged by the people organizing the parade. If you do run into some alcohol, simply find a different spot to watch the parade from.

Host a Sober Party

Instead of attending someone else’s event, make your own! Host a party at your house or another space. When you send out invites, let everyone know that it is a sober event. This will reduce the risk of being exposed to alcohol or other forms of triggers.

Hosting a party can be an inexpensive way to celebrate your day off. You can spend time with friends, family, and colleagues. It also keeps you from being alone, which can lead to boredom that can result in cravings.

avoiding alcohol on labor day

Enjoy the Day Your Way

Take advantage of your day off and enjoy some activities that you really like. If you like to go hiking or camping, visit the closest state/national park. If you live near the coast, maybe take a trip to the beach. You could also read, exercise, and cook yourself and your family a nice meal.

If you have a job, you may find it hard to find time during the week to enjoy the activities you like. Labor Day gives you extra time to enjoy yourself or complete tasks at home. Use your day to get the things you need to be done, done.

Labor Day is not supposed to be stressful. In fact, it’s supposed to be the opposite. If you’re someone in recovery, it’s important to plan ahead because there is a high likelihood that alcohol will be prevalent throughout the day. Avoid places and events that might make you stressed or anxious. Maintaining sobriety is important, and you can still find fun things to do that don’t involve alcohol.