Since the start of the pandemic, many employees were forced to work at home. This was a big change for a lot of people, and the suddenness of this change didn’t allow employees to deliberate or plan for their new work environment. Remote workers are now having to balance home life and work-life all while being inside of their homes.

With all of the changes that workers have been facing since the start of the pandemic, remote work may not feel like the perk that it once was before the pandemic. With that being said, this post will give remote workers some tips on how to stay positive while working from home.

How to Stay Positive Working From Home

Embrace your feelings: When unexpected changes occur, our usual response is to feel down about it. Everyone experiences negative emotions, and you’re better off accepting your emotions rather than ignoring them. This will help you move on. It’s okay to tell yourself that you’re stressed when you’re trying to balance so many many responsibilities. Doing this can lift any weight that you’ve been putting on yourself and help you see the brighter side of your situation.

Set up your home office: If you have just started working from home, odds are that you haven’t set up a home office. Working on the couch can be fine in some cases, but over time you may start to notice wrist, neck, or back pains from poor posture. Additionally, if other members of your household are going about their day around you, this can distract you and lead to more stress. Having a nice home office that is comfortable and keeps distractions to a minimum is incredibly beneficial. It can help create positive and productive workdays, and you can decorate it exactly how you like.

Create a routine: Remote work gives you a lot more control over how you spend your time, but not everyone is a pro at time management. It’s important to set up a routine to make sure you’re staying on track and completing your tasks. A routine will also help you stay in the loop with your boss and coworkers.

staying positive while working from home

Stay connected: You may have spent time with your coworkers while at work, but if you want to maintain your relationships with them while you work from home, then you need to get connected with them for non-work-related activities. Make sure you’re staying connected with family and other friends as well. This will help keep feelings of loneliness and isolation at bay.

Work during your productive hours: Some people work well early in the morning. Some people work best later in the day. Regardless of what your most productive time of the day is, try setting up your work routine around this time. During your most productive time of the day, your mood is already improved because you have higher amounts of energy and optimism. Being productive during this time can add another positive boost to your mood, leaving you feeling good about the work you completed.

Do some self-care: With so much work being done at home, you can forget to give yourself some proper downtime. Make sure you’re taking breaks on long workdays and giving yourself the proper wind-down. Self-care has also been proven to improve cognition, and this will benefit you while you complete your work.


These tips can help you stay positive while working from home, and there are tons of other tips that you can try too. Everybody is different, and just because one way works for this person doesn’t always mean it’ll work for the next. Play around with what suits you so you can be the most productive worker you can be!