• Joseph A. (Tony) Neuhoff, NCAC I, LADAC II

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    A peer-recognized leader in the Addiction and Recovery Field since 1984, Tony Neuhoff offers expertise in the evaluation and treatment of behavioral problems and dysfunctions in persons who abuse mood-altering chemicals. Tony is skilled at diffusing crisis situations and engaging clients to make successful strategic changes. He is known for effectively educating patients about recovery resources, and teaching communication and trust-building skills in family systems. Tony delivers excellent follow-through service and best-in-class personal contact.

    A loving dad and spouse, Tony carries with him heart-felt care for those experiencing trauma and stress. Thirty-six years as a Primary Therapist have trained Tony to very effectively lead group therapy, conduct individual counseling sessions, and direct family groups using multi-modal approaches while adapting throughout the treatment period to his clients’ ever-changing needs. Tony’s humor and communication skills work well within the treatment setting to educate and to inspire as well as within the greater community to promote recovery and well-being through health fairs and speaking engagements. His compassion, strength, and determination lead to better outcomes for his recovering clients. He believes in the incredible value of this process and has witnessed its monumental power in changing lives.

    Tony Neuhoff is an NCAC I, LADAC II, and Certified Crisis Intervener. Prior to joining Brooks Healing Center, Tony worked simultaneously for Parkridge Valley Hospital and Hamilton County Recovery Court in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and owned and operated Chattanooga Aftercare.