Located Between Nashville and Chattanooga, Brooks Healing Center Provides Residential Addiction Treatment Care Individualized for Each Patient’s Needs

Treating Addiction &
Co-Occurring Disorders

We greet you with open arms and hearts from the moment you step foot in our facility. There is no one path to recovery, and Brooks Healing Center understands that everyone recovers at their own pace. We offer residential treatment to appeal to whatever stage of recovery you find yourself in.

It can be difficult to learn the coping techniques for recovery when your triggers are trying to drag you back down. With residential recovery, you can submerge yourself in a structured, supervised, and supportive environment.

We will help you focus on overcoming co-occurring disorders and healing your mind, body and spirit.

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Your Foundation For
Lasting Recovery

Brooks Healing Center is just an hour and a half away from central cities like Nashville and Chattanooga. You will be close to city comforts yet separate enough from the real world so you can heal in peace. Our facility is tucked against the meditative and calming backdrops of luscious green fields. You will find yourself in a relaxing and supportive environment that helps you leave the pressures of your life behind as you take your first steps on the road to recovery.

How to Select the Best Treatment Center in Tennessee for You

How to Select the Best Treatment Center in Tennessee for You

Finding the right rehab and detox center is a crucial part of ensuring you successfully complete treatment. Just like finding the right doctor for you and your family, you want to make sure the treatment facility you select is going to be a good fit, and there are several things to consider when selecting a treatment facility.

Decide What Your Goals Are

Are you looking to detox and recover through a residential program or are you wanting the flexibility of a partial hospitalization addiction program (PHP)? It’s important to identify what your goals are before choosing a rehabilitation center so that you get the right care and support you need based on your goals.

Investigate Different Rehabilitation Options

Not all rehab centers offer the same types of therapy so you want to make sure you compare different options to see which center will work best for you. For example, Brooks Healing Center offers treatment programs such as cognitive behavioral therapy and the 12-step program, so you want to make sure the facility’s treatment options align with your goals. Most centers will have information available on their website but you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to the center directly if you have additional questions regarding their programs.

Check to See What Benefits
Your Insurance Covers

While most insurance companies cover some type of addiction treatment, you should verify what’s included in your coverage. There may be limitations to the amount of time you can spend on in-patient treatment or the types of treatment you receive. If you find a facility you like but discover that your insurance only covers a portion of the treatment program you want, don’t be afraid to reach out to the center about different financing options.

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