12-Step Recovery Program

12-step programs are powerful peer support groups that help people recover from substance use disorders, behavioral addictions, and sometimes other co-occurring mental health conditions.

Maintain Abstinence

12-step programs also help people achieve and maintain abstinence from substances. Though 12-step programs aren’t the right tool for everyone, they do tend to help those struggling with substance abuse issues acquire new coping skills, feel the support and acceptance of a loving community, transition into sobriety, and foster long-term recovery from addiction.

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How the 12-Step Program Works

How the 12-Step Program Works

When people think of alcohol treatment, the 12-step program often comes to mind. Founded by the creators of Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-step program is one of the best-known and oldest recovery programs in the world.

advantages of a 12-step program
advantages of a 12-step program

How Does the 12-Step Program Work?

The program helps people overcome addiction through a 12-Step process. The steps are designed as guidelines for individual recovery from addiction and provides it’s members with a community of support and accountability as they navigate through the steps. The 12-Step program is commonly thought to be solely for the recovery of alcohol addiction but it can also be used for other addictions such as gambling or drug use.

What Are the 12 Steps?

While the 12-Step program has defined steps, there’s no wrong way to start the program and it’s best to figure out what works best for you. As you go through the steps don’t get discouraged if you need to revisit steps. You may find that you also prefer to tackle multiple steps at the same time. Remember that recovery is a lifelong process and you should stick to whatever works best for you.

Here are the 12 Steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program:

  1. Admitting you are powerless over alcohol and that it’s negatively impacting your life.
  2. Believing that a greater power can help you overcome your addiction.
  3. Deciding to turn your life over to the care of God.
  4. Create a moral inventory of yourself.
  5. Admit to God, to yourself and a close friend or family member all of your wrongs.
  6. Commit to having God remove all the defects of your character.
  7. Ask God to remove your shortcomings.
  8. Make a list of the people you’ve harmed and be willing to make amends with them.
  9. Make amends to those people if possible.
  10. Continue to take personal inventory and admit when you are wrong.
  11. Use prayer and meditation to improve your connection with God.
  12. Continue to follow the steps and support others who are also struggling with their addiction.

Take Back Control of Your Life

Tyler Bowman, Founder and CEO of Brooks Healing Center, knows how difficult coming to terms with alcohol and drug abuse is as someone who struggled with his own recovery. “Addiction is a mental disease and treatment goes deeper than medication,” says Bowman. “You can get your freedom back through healing and that’s what we focus on at Brooks.”

Whether it’s the 12-Step Program or one of our other addiction treatment options, the staff at Brooks Healing Center will help you find the right program for your recovery journey. Our rehab facility located in central Tennessee offers a variety of recovery options including detox and residential. You can start your healing process and take back control of your life here.

Your Foundation For Lasting Recovery

Brooks Healing Center is just an hour and a half away from central cities like Nashville and Chattanooga. You will be close to city comforts yet separate enough from the real world so you can heal in peace. Our facility is tucked against the meditative and calming backdrops of luscious green fields. You will find yourself in a relaxing and supportive environment that helps you leave the pressures of your life behind as you take your first steps on the road to recovery.

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