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Addiction Treatment Programs that Meet You Where You’re At

Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process. Addiction is highly personal and incredibly complex. At Brooks Healing Center, we will help you find yourself and fall in love with everything you are. We give you the tools to cope with life’s swift waters and rid you of negative habits that hurt you more than they help. 

We deliver time-tested and research-backed treatment programs personalized for your specific needs and goals with an exceptional and heart-driven team. 

Addiction Treatment Programs
Supportive and Ongoing Care

Supportive and Ongoing Care

Our doors are open to anyone over 18 years old seeking support and acceptance on their recovery journey. We offer 30 and 60-day programs to suit your lifestyle, including medical detox, residential stays, and partial hospitalization. During your time with us, well explore various proven treatment tools and techniques so you feel confident in your ability to thrive. Our modalities include EMDR, CBT, trauma-informed therapy, and experiential therapy. 

Supportive and Ongoing Care

Brooks Healing Center Treatment Programs


Detoxing alone can feel impossible as it is much more than just willpower. Our brains adapt and depend on habits. Breaking these behaviors is no easy feat, especially when chemically addictive substances are involved. 

Before exploring the roots of addictions, learning coping skills, and developing helpful habits, it’s critical to start from a clean slate. We provide a safe, comfortable detox environment where you can regain your baseline health while a team of medically trained professionals takes care of you. You don’t have to go it alone – we are here for you, every step of the way. 

Residential Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We greet you with open arms and hearts from the moment you step foot in our facility. There is no one path to recovery, and Brooks Healing Center understands that everyone recovers at their own pace. We offer residential stays to appeal to whatever stage of recovery you find yourself in. 

It can be difficult to learn the coping techniques for recovery when your triggers are trying to drag you back down. With residential recovery, you can submerge yourself in a structured, supervised, and supportive environment. We will help you focus on overcoming co-occurring disorders and healing your mind and body.


For those who want the benefits of a residential stay on an individualized basis – our partial hospitalization program may be for you. PHP is structure into a 30-to-60-day continuum with each plan created on a case-by-case basis. The length of the program depends on a client’s acuity and progression over time. 

We will work with you to develop the plan that best suits your lifestyle and allows you to progress towards your recovery goals. With the same access to treatments as our residential stays, our partial hospitalization program benefits individuals who have a supportive and safe home environment.

Residential Addiction Treatment
Trauma Informed Therapy

Proven Treatment Modalities

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR helps us process events from a new perspective, simultaneously reducing the emotional weight weve attached to a traumatic event or memory. Through EMDR, you can analyze and overcome traumatic experiences that drive addiction forward. Our EMDRspecialized therapist will help you address painful memories while reducing their harmful effects through eye movement. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavior therapy is a goal-oriented talking therapy that focuses on the cycle of how our thoughts impact our feelings and, in turn, our actions. By analyzing your beliefs about the world, CBT disrupts catastrophizing and self-sabotaging coping behaviors to develop new thought patterns for positive feelings and healthier actions. 

Trauma-Informed Therapy

The seven domains of Trauma-Informed Therapy are:

  1. Early screening and assessment
  2. Consumer-driven care and services
  3. Nurturing a trauma-informed and responsive workforce
  4. Evidence-based and emerging best practices
  5. Creating safe environments
  6. Community outreach and partnership building
  7. Ongoing performance improvement and evaluation
Our trauma informed therapists work with our patients to create an emotionally and psychologically safe environment. Patients learn how to regulate their emotions before exploring and healing from past traumas.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy uses hands-on experiences and expressive tools while revisiting difficult momentsThis approach eases negative emotions associated with traumatic moments. Activities in our experiential therapy sessions include animal care, role-playing, music, arts and crafts, and more. 

Trauma Informed Therapy

Gina Bowman

Executive Assistant

Gina Bowman is the Executive Assistant at Brooks Healing Center. She was born in Florida but resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with her husband, Tyler Bowman, and two daughters Charlotte and Isabella.

Gina is a friendly, loyal, and dedicated individual. She has a heart for helping others and understands the effects of addiction and the toll it can take on families. She is the one that helps make things happen behind the scenes and brings fun ideas to Brooks Healing Center as well as keeping things organized. 

Colleen Bradford, MBA, BA-MHR

Executive Director, Human Resources Director

Colleen Believes servitude towards others provides a solid foundation for personal and professional growth. She is a calm problem solver who juggles multiple situations simultaneously and works confidently and efficiently in even the most challenging, fast-paced environments. She is highly regarded for her consistent ability to apply sound judgment, emotional intelligence, and etiquette to sensitive, confidential, and unpredictable situations. She is an organized, professional, resourceful, and seasoned healthcare professional with diverse skills for boosting organizational productivity and quality of care initiatives.

Colleen has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in business administration with a minor in health care administration from Trevecca Nazarene University. She has been married for 32 years to Doyle Bradford, and they have two sons, Thomas and Allen Bradford, along with two grandchildren, Ben and Faith Bradford. She is excited to have this unique opportunity to serve her community. She is a phenomenal cookie baker and mother figure to those at the Brooks Healing Center. We are honored to have her be a part of our vision. 

Frank Throneberry

Co-Founder and COO

Frank is a lifelong 7th generation native of Middle Tennessee. Frank cares for his local community and keeping Tennessee healthy, knowing that people all over the USA seek out his home state’s friendly and outdoor atmosphere. He is a hardworking and energetic person that is no stranger to going out of his way to help others.

Frank started his recovery from alcohol and substance abuse over seven years ago. He is continually working on a recovery program and became passionate about sharing his story, helping others, and supporting others to find freedom from their addiction. He also formerly owned and managed ‘recovery community’ homes where he walked with and encouraged many individuals in their journey. Frank’s servant attitude is what helps him listen, understand, and put others’ needs first.

Outside of his career, Frank cherishes his time with his wife, Maribeth, and his three children: Jackson, Piper, and Charlie. They enjoy the great outdoors on their family farm in Shelbyville, TN, and boating and fishing with family on Tim’s Ford Lake. He is a dedicated husband and father. 

James “Tyler” Bowman

Founder and CEO

Tyler is the heart of the Brooks Healing Center. His vision is to guide others to find their own recovery and to thrive in life. Tyler was fortunate to have lived through his addiction and now finds fulfillment in serving others. Tyler has worked in the substance abuse field for over five years and felt convicted to build a place where individuals are loved until they can learn to love themselves.  

Tyler has the love and support of his family as he continues to provide care to those who have lost themselves along the way. Tyler is the father of two daughters, Charlotte, his oldest, and Isabella, his youngest. Tyler’s wife, Gina, supports the Brooks Healing Center’s vision, and she shares his passion for helping others as well.  

Tyler has a story to tell and is willing to share his experiences, good or bad, with anyone. Brooks Healing Center is the way he gives back for all he took when he was using. For the past seven years, Tyler has gone beyond to share his recovery and is thriving in life.