Think about your busy daily schedule and how it makes you feel when you wake up. As soon as you wake up, are you on edge? Does a bunch of thoughts run through your mind? Do you almost feel panicky because of the number of things you have to do? Many people experience these pressures at some point, and with how busy the average person’s schedule is becoming, it’s incredible that people are powering through it all. Family, work, money, health concerns and more can become mentally and physically overwhelming, especially for a recovering addict. If the stress gets to you, then it can make our physical and mental health even harder.

Each day brings its own baggage, but there is no need to hold onto it all. You shouldn’t disregard the past completely, but you can use your experiences to bring more positivity to your day. This post will go over some stress-relievers that you can use to start your day off right when you’re faced with the stressors of your schedule.

Give Yourself a Moment

When you wake up, you’re slightly disoriented while the thoughts of your day begin to seep into your mind. Many people are used to jumping straight out of bed when the alarm sounds, but the truth is getting up right away doesn’t give your mind a chance to clear. Before you leave your room, take a few minutes to relax your muscles and stretch out your arms and legs. You can also do some deep and deliberate breathing. If you choose to do so, focus on nothing other than calmness, composure, and peace of mind. Once you’ve loosened yourself up, you’ll be able to start your day with a clear mind.

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The Phone Can Wait

Many people are in the habit of reaching for their phones as soon as they wake up, and perhaps you are too. Before you leave your bed, social media has been checked, emails have been read and replied to, and texts have been sent out. The feeling of urgency to respond to all of your notifications can produce feelings of anxiety as soon as you wake up, leaving you to start your day on the wrong foot.

Almost 80% of smartphone users use their phones less than 15 minutes after they wake up. A habit like this can lead to decreased productivity and leave you waking up to stress every day. For the sake of your mental health, it’s best to break this habit. Come up with ways to keep yourself off your phone when you first wake up. Try to go for as long as you can. The longer, the better! Of course, have your phone nearby in case of emergencies, but not for immediate use. You will begin to notice that you’re concentrating more on your important tasks rather than worrying about the rest of your day once you put the phone down.

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Make a To-Do List

A common stress-relieving practice that has been compared to daily journaling is making a to-do list. Just like a journal, when you first wake up, write down what you’re thinking about. A lot of it will most likely be what you have to do for the day, but instead of thinking about it over and over again, you’ll be able to create an organized page that will help you plan. Once the list is made, you can tackle each task individually, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed knowing you have things planned out.

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