It can be hard for an addict to take the first step toward recovery. Once the decision is made to go to a treatment center, it can be a hard road for an addict, but the outcomes are certainly worth it. Before getting treatment, many addicts often wonder if treatment is worth their time or if they will learn the right skills to keep them on the right path.

Let’s look at several different things that can be learned during one’s time at Brooks Healing Center that can help an addict along their road to recovery.


Many addicts feel as though they can’t trust themselves when drugs or alcohol are involved. They may feel like they can’t handle their regular responsibilities while their addiction continues, and many addicts blame their addiction on past childhood traumas, negative people in their life, or other factors.

During treatment, an addict will learn that they are responsible for their own actions and the consequences of those actions. Taking responsibility and ownership for one’s own actions prevents an addict from blaming other people or events for their addiction. This can help addicts re-assess themselves and help them heal.


After an addict takes responsibility for their addiction, they may begin to feel guilty for their past actions, and this can make it hard for them to forgive themself. Patients at Brooks Healing Center undergo therapy sessions during their stay, but oftentimes it can take many sessions for someone to forgive themselves fully.

Once forgiveness is achieved, a patient can then seek out forgiveness from friends and family who they may have wronged in the past. We recommend forgiving yourself before seeking forgiveness from others.

what a treatment center teaches you


Therapy at Brooks Healing Center comes with a lot of talking, offering patients time to tell their stories and verbalize their feelings. If a patient arrives with a lack of communication skills, they leave with a toolbox of skills to help them express themselves better than when they walked in.

Communication skills can help recovering addicts seek help if they feel like they are close to relapsing. They can also help a recovering addict express themselves in a healthy way, and they can even help rebuild damaged relationships.


Struggling with an addiction can leave an addict feeling physically and mentally weak. At Brooks Healing Center, we remind our patients how strong they are and show them how they can harness their inner strength.

Our therapists are there to follow a patient along their journey. Once inner strength is found, it can help a recovering addict say no to temptations in the future.


Getting help can be a daunting idea, but the outcomes and life lessons that are learned can help a recovering addict live a happy and fulfilling life. Not only are the above topics taught during treatment, but other topics like stress management, how addiction works, and peer connections are also taught. By using these skills, recovering addicts can improve their lives and avoid relapses.